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Intense, Prolonged Exercise Best For Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance

Most women lose weight by following low-calorie siets and sometimes adding a little exercise a few times a week. This approach works in the short run, but most gain back they lost within 12 months. A remarkarkable study by John Jakicic and colleagues from the University of Pittsburgh showed that intense exercise is the key to weight loss and long-term weight managment. Women in high intensity, high-duration groups who ate the most food (2,000 calories per day, which was 500 calories more the the assigned values) lost the most weight. This study showed the high-intensity, prolonged exercise helps women lose weight and keep it off, while allowing them to eat more food. Unfortunately, most people won’t exercise hard enough to lose weight effectively. (Archives internal Medicine, 168: 1552-1559, 2008) Fitness Rx Magazine.

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